Requesting Contest Committee Members!

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Requesting Contest Committee Members!

Post by Pollux on Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:53 pm

If the Committee is open for new members; below is the application you can fill out and then send via PM to Samsung! Please do not post your apps here! Lastly, our members should be at least 13 years of age to apply!
~*Please include ALL of the information asked for!*~

Application questions are located in the spoiler. V
- What is your current username and are there any specific nicknames you would like to go by?
(Nicknames are optional. It's just kind of a friendly thing!)

- What are the days and times you can be on?

- How old are you?

(This doesn't actually matter. But the site is +13, so we ask for obvious reasons!)

- Are you good at working together with others?
(What we mostly mean by this is; are you actually willing to speak your ideas around others?)

- What are your best traits? Your worst?
(Responsible, creative, artistic, loyal, trustworthy, etc.)

- Do you have any experience with events and contests?

(Things like the school elective ‘leadership,’ or anything similar would be a perfect example!)

- Let’s say someone was not happy with how one of our games or contests turned out and they confronted you; how would you respond? A couple sentences in reply are plenty.

- Can you give an explanation on why you’d like to be part of the team? Again, a couple sentences are plenty.

A summary of the Committee;
First of all, pretty much anyone above can be part of the CC. You don’t need to have experience or know how to draw. All we need is people who are creative, able to work together, and who are online regularly. We'd like to emphasize the words online regularly!
Meetings are also very important. They will most likely be held at any time, with notice beforehand, of course. If you cannot make it to one meeting we won't mind. However, if you miss several, you may have to be removed.. Everything you may have missed is posted in our section on the forums. We have a room just for us as well! Once a member, you will be able to check out our section and look at all the information for what to do and what is going on!

To end this post, if you don’t get accepted at first, there is no need to worry. Just wait about a week or reapply next time the applications are open!!

If you have any questions, this topic is a great place to ask. A member will answer as soon as they can. Thank you, and good luck!


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