We need Inception Design Team members!!

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We need Inception Design Team members!!

Post by Skitz on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:05 pm

IDT is now open for members! Below will be an application you can fill out and send to me, Ixia. You can either message me on Inception or PM me here on the forums. Please, only apply if you are 13 years of age or older. Thank you!

What is your username and/or nickname?

How old are you?
(Like I said, 13+ is nice. Even the site is 13+ so don't blame me.)

Are you creative?
(Designing wise please.)

Are you cooperative?
(Can you work in a team, basically. There is no I in team.)

Any other nice traits you have hiding there?

Have you ever had any experience with design or anything such as this?
(School groups, other sites, ect.)

What hours can you be on and how many days of the week?
(This is important because there will be meetings. Miss three meetings, you're out.)

Ok, I know there are no members on the team, but that doesn't mean I'm desperate. I will not accept just any applications. Also, it is a bonus if you are active on the site and forums.


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