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Post by Slunter on Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:36 pm

Inception is currently under construction, which means we are on invite only, we are aiming to finish designs and make Inception look "Pretty" so to speak. We have a lot in store for all of you stick around for the main events and surprises we have going on.

Inception is no longer taking anymore beta testers

Inception will be opening soon! You heard it right, as we're still under-going a few more changes, we're about ready to open. The staff has worked hard to bring you all something to enjoy. While we've been closed we've picked up a few more sets, rooms, a new map, a rp map, and a whole new homepage. Please have patience! We will be online within a few weeks!

Wanna talk? Wanna learn more about Inception? Want to find out how you can get deltas, poses, or prizes? Inception now has a facebook page! Thanks to Pollux. You can like us there and figure out what exciting things we'll be doing!

To like us click here >Like us!< Then follow the link!

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