What are some rules and help about my private room?

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What are some rules and help about my private room?

Post by Demonio on Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:17 pm

Even though your private room is your private room, there still are some rules. I'm going to help you out so you don't run into these troubles


Why did an admin come in my room when I didn't invite them?
The only reasons admins will make an appearance in your room without being invited is when you've made a death threat, or a threat has been made. Please keep in mind, this is a serious offense around chatlands, and is taken seriously. Other then this, admins with no invitation are not allowed in your room. Please do not not ask admins to ban a member because they did something wrong in roleplay. The best we can tell you is please put them on ignore, kick them out of the room (if the room is yours) or leave the room.

I kicked someone out of my room, but I got in trouble for it. I don't understand why?
Please keep in mind, that inappropriate kicks are seen, and when you kick someone with strong language or with a threat you will get in trouble for it. Please try and keep kicking to a minimum.


How do I make someone an alpha in my room?
Simple as it says, only make alphas to people you trust. To get to that page simply do !edit

How do I allow subscribers only?
Same as last time do !edit you may also uncheck this

How do I allow only certain species?
click on allow species and a this should pop up
-> Click uncheck all, and put a check mark in the boxes of the species you want to enter. Please keep in mind this does not work for sets, only custom poses.

How do I set a pass word for my room?
Click this and type a password that YOU can remember -> When giving your password to your room out, please remember give it to only people you trust. Also remember, at any time you may change your password.

I hope these rules and tutorial helped you. If you have any questions, please contact an admin for more help.

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