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Post by Pollux on Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:57 pm

Hi hello! ;u;; I am a beta, art review member, contest/event committee member, and part of communications!! Feel free to talk to me, I love meeting new people.

My username was CASTOR but now I am POLLUX on the chat! ;o;... I'm really shy at first but I can be quite a talkative fellow once you get to know me. I guess I'm funny? That's what people tell me ha,, I am an artist, but I don't boast. I love it when people show me their art! Not trying to sound creepy!! :( I just think everyone and everything is great. Consider yourself a friend of mine, even if you have never even talked to me! Unless you hate me..o-o I'll forgive you anyway!

I'm from Cali but now I live in Washington state. I don't really like getting out of the house. Ooops??? Sometimes I make random presents for people..so if you get a message from me with some art of your character I'm sorry in advance for being a creeper! eue

I truly look forward to meeting all of the new chatters. /Loves on you guys ;u; <33333
Head of Art

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