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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Slunter on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:22 am

What is a 'Ghost message'?
When you receive a message on the chat, and you go to check it, there is nothing there. It is called a Ghost message, and is perfectly harmless.

Why is the chat lagging?
Sometimes Underdog (Creator of Chatlands) is fixing the chats, whether it be a bug or fixing errors. The lag usually goes away. If it is persistent, going on for several days, contact a staff member.

How do I change my chat Username?
Sometimes people get tired of their username! Follow these easy steps to change it:
1. Log onto the chat.
2. Go to 'My Account'.
3. Select 'Change Username'.
4. Read the following instructions it gives you, and make sure to check your e-mail!

You can change your username ONCE every 30 days.

How do I change my username on the forums?
Simple, easy steps to change your username here on the forums:
1. Select 'Profile'.
2. Type your desired username in the 'Username' box.

If this doesn't work, contact a Forums Mod.

I am having delta issues. What do I do?
If you're having delta troubles, send a PM to an alpha of that chat to help you. Only alphas can take care of any delta issues.

How do I change my password on the chat?
If you would like to change your password, edit your sniff's information where it says 'Password.' Enter the conformation, and presto! You're done!

Can an admin see whispers?
No. Only alphas can see it when they do a log check, which very seldom happens.
What does it mean to have missing poses?
It is just an occasional glitch that happens to almost everyone. Just go to the Bodyshop and click 'Save.' Then you can resume chatting! Your missing pose problem should be gone.

Where is my Delta Transfer e-mail?When you send someone deltas, you have to go to your email account to confirm the transaction. Sometimes it takes a while for the e-mail to come, ranging from 1 minute to 3-4 hours. Sometimes it may just be stuck in the Junk/Spam folder. You can always send another Transfer out to your e-mail if it continues.

If any of these problems persist, please contact a staff member. Thanks.
- Inception Administration Team.

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